What PCMTuner Extention Module Can Do?

PCMTuner Extention Module which can work with PCMTuner Tool and make it more powerful, support more function and ECU list, also can help you solve the connection problem.

PCMTuner Extention Module 1 : MPM ECU TCU Tool

MPM is best for American Car ECUs: Buick, Cadillac Chevrolet Chrysler Dongle Ford Hummer Jeep Opel Saab, have all GM protocols, OBD read ECM and TCM. All work in OBD, no need damaos for GM cars.

Bundle Sale: PCMtuner ECU Programmer Plus MPM

PCMTuner Extention Module 2: Fetrotech Tool

Fetrotech tool support MG1 MD1 ECU and BENCH Read MED9 and EDC16, and also support MEDC17 series. This extension plugin is mainly based on the Bench mode (that is, reading and writing ECU flash and eeprom without opening the cover). This plug-in can be mounted on PCMtuner devices to make up for pcmtuner’s lack of some protocols in the market. Fetrotech device supports ECU function repair, ECU clone, or support Chiptuning modification.

PCMTuner Extention Module 3:  GODIAG GT107  Plus GT105

GODIAG GT107 ECU IMMO Kit is a DSG gearbox connection adapter. DSG Gearbox maintenance engineers can clone, diagnose and repair DSG Gearbox ECU and can also read, write and adjust data for DSG Gearbox ECU via PCMFlash, PCMTuner, and Kess V2 etc. This adapter has automatic and manual selection for PCMFlash software. For data reading and writing, you can choose “Auto”, and for diagnosis you can choose “Manual”. For other software kessv2, DQ200, DQ250, DQ500 you can also choose “Manual”.

Bundle Sale: PCMtuner Plus GODIAG GT107 DSG Gearbox Data Read/Write Adapter

PCMTuner Extention Module 4: OBD2 Breakout Cable

Some ECU data must be read by OBD and if these ECU can only be read by OBD are removed from the car, you can’t use bench or boot connection to read data directly. You need OBD breakout cable to do connection.

Bundle Sale: PCMtuner + GODIAG GT107  + Breakout Tricore Cable

PCMTuner Extention Parts: 

Silicone Case for PCMTuner ECU Programmer Black Color

Plastic Carrying Case For PCMtuner ECU Programmer


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