PCMTuner USB Dongle Hot Problem Solution: Remove Chip Tutorials

Some Older Version PCMTuner USB Dongle has Hot Problem, Here is the Tutorials for Removing PCMTuner USB Dongle Chip Hot for less.


Print some weild oil on chip.

Make hot air degrees to 280, use  ur hot air

Hot about 40s – 1 minute till can remove the chips

Confirm each boot don’t short.Verify on laptop after all done.

Please note that the new PCMTuner USB Dongle has solved the Hot problem. The Red Color USB Dongle is come with PCMTuner car magic tool,only can use with PCMTuner tool. The Green color is sell separately PCMTuner USB Dongle which can be used with KTM Bench, KTM OBD Device,not support new update PCMTuner functions.



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