PCMTuner V1.27 Update FAQ: PCMTuner Flash Download and Activation

PCMTuner have update v1.27, After updating, when you first time to use to read and write, It will show “PCMTuner Flash not found”.

How to sovle it? It need to download PCMTuner Flash.

You can download from Tuner-box.com or Download here: https://mega.nz/file/Bx1DEShZ#Z6DuCwm_nbY2GBLhQg8tIGtpqSD3MfsoNaK3hVfLIQQ

It need to be activated again, Please email the your PCMTuner machine ID and S/N to Info@tuner-box.com.

You will get License File and put them in this folder: C:\Program Files (x86)\PCMtuner Flash

Set the default opening method of the digital certificate to “PCMtuner Flash” as shown in the picture.

Set the “Language”, select English(United States) as shown in the picture.

It is best to set the display language to English. If your local language can work, you don’t need to choose English as the display language.

Please Notice that The only PCMTuner update V1.27, The PCMTuner Flash/PCMFlash is still in V1.20. If PCMTuner Flash notice you to update to V1.27,Please don’t udpate it.

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