PCMTuner ECU Programmer FAQs


PCMTuner ECU Programmer FAQs: Here is collection of PCMTuner Car Magic Tool common problem and solution. Any question about PCMtuner please free to contact us.

Question: PCMTuner can’t connect with computer?

Answer: Because the power supply of pcmtuner is divided into USB communication power supply and PCB host power supply, many users often plug USB into the system separately to make up the difference power supply, resulting in no response of the equipment.

Question: Identify or click “read” show “not find the device” when PCMTuner read data

Answer: In this case, please plug and unplug the Pcmtuner adapter power supply

Question: Why is my user showing not activated?

Answer: In this case, please let the customer wait for 24 hours or arrange according to the actual time node you activate.

Question:Why does the device prompt that the pcmdongle or pcmtuner device is not found

Answer: Please plug in the pcmtuner device to supply power, connect “USB” and dongle

Question: Where to login my account?

Answer: VZ performance provides users with virtual files and damaos, and tunerbox provides technical assistance