PCMTuner ECU Data Processing Service Process

Pcmtuner ecu data processing service process (functions such as power adjustment, immo off, dpf/egr remove, dtc shielding, etc.)

1.The customer reads the flash data of the ecu via the Pcmtuner (if the customer only buys the Pcmtuner dongle, they need to find another device to read the flash data, such as Tactrix Openport 2.0, Scanmatik 2 PRO,etc.)

2.Readout the flash data of the ecu  + car model + ECU model and send them to the purchaser, verify that the payment has been finished, and submit them to the factory for revision [customer explains his needs (functions such as power transfer, immo off, dpf/egr remove, dtc shielding, etc.)]

3.The ECU Flash data processed by the factory is sent back to the customer,and is written to the ECU via the Pcmtuner.

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