Installing PCMTuner Software but PCMTuner icon not appear on Desktop

PCMTuner User Feedback: The “PCMTuner” icon not show on desktop after Installing PCMTuner Software,and pcmflash,Scanmatik and dongle driver software are installed cyclically and repeatedly.

Three Steps to solve this problem:

Step 1: Turn off the antivirus software on the computer.

Step 2: Install Net.Framework 4.8 on the windows system (the Net.Framework 4.8 patch can be downloaded from Microsoft’s official website or downloaded from the PCMTuner seller)

Download: NET.Framework 4.8

Step 3: Reinstall the PCMTuner Software

Uninstall  First

Then Install Again.

Successfully, PCMTuner Icon Show on the desktop. Then you follow PCMTuner Software Instruction to do register.

Video Guide:

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