How to Install Fetrotech Tool

Fetrotech Tool Installation Tutorials:

First connect your Fetrotech to the computer using a USB cable as shown below

Then log on to the website and click the download button to download the Fetrotech software

Download the software to your computer and unzip it

Open the software to install

Still click next

until it is completed.

The following dialog box appears, please fill in your information as required to activate your device,

After filling in, click Submit

Finally click Close to complete the installation

Return to the desktop and click the fetrotech icon to run the software

When the following interface appears, hold Ctrl+V to copy your machine code,

Copy the machine code on the back of your device as follows and send them to The subject of the email is “request my fetrotech active”.

Machine code:

machine sn in device back side :

When you receive the mail you will get two files as shown in the image below

Please save your key file

Put Fetrotech into C disk as shown below

Please put Fetrotech tool ok 3.5 into the Fetrotech tool installation directory” C:\Program Files (x86)\Fetrotech” as shown below

Click Fetrotech tool ok 3.5 to set the open method to Fetrotech tool as shown below:

Then the setup is completed.

Return to the desktop and click Fetrotech tool to run the software

So that our software can be opened and waited to start.

If the software crashes after opening, please click the Fetrotech installation package again

Click “Repair Fetrotech”, as shown below.

If you cannot activate your device by following the steps above, please uninstall the software.

Re-operate according to the instructions, please keep the key from for your convenience on this computer.

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Fetrotech tool sliver color:
Fetrotech tool black color:

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