How to Edit PSA EDC17C60 Manual TPROT by PCMTuner ECU Tool

PCMTuner Car Magic Tool PSA EDC17C60 Manual TPROT Edit Tutorials:

First, Download and Install FLEXHEX (Go to

After FLEXHEX Installation, Open it and our ORI flash file.

Use the search function to find the common 8 btyes from our 13 byte sequence

Now we can change the preceeding 5 bytes to Zeros(00)

1D C8 D6 A4 00 change to 00 00 00 00 00

After change the 5 bytes and then Save the file.

Now doing the same procedure in Winlos

open a new project and select our file following the normal procedures

Find the byte sequence again.

Do the quickly with the find and replace function, easy to replace C8 D6 A4 00 to 00 00 00 00

Export the file with checksum correction


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