FoxFlash ECU Programmer Tutorials: How to Clone Tricore ECU

How to Clone Tricore ECU by FoxFlash / KT200 ECU Programmer ? Here is the tutorials: Step by step guide to clone MEDC17 via BOOT/Bench Tricore:

Before operation, connect the ECU and New KT200/Foxflash ECU programmer correctly, and make sure the internet connection on the computer is good.

Step 1: read the data (Micro [flash] and EEPROM) of original ECU (ECU 1) and the new ECU (ecu 2) via BOOT MODE TRICORE or BENCH TRICORE separately

Step 2: Run New KT200 KTsuit software or foxflash software

Select driver- TOOL BOOT

Then select TOOLS BOOT MODE>> INFINEON TRICORE Clone Service and select the corresponding ECU clone model

Click OK to continue

Attach some tricore ECU supported images

Step 3: Open the original ECU (ECU 1) micro file and new ECU (ECU 2) micro  file in sequence

Step 4: Click “Clone & Save”, and then the software will generate the new ECU data and save it in the selected directory.

Step 5: In the software, select TOOLS BOOT MODE>> INFINION TRICORE Boot>> select the corresponding ECU

Choose the new file just saved in ECU 2 to write into the new ECU

Note: As the BENCH TRICORE may cause the incomplete writing of ECU data. It’s recommended to read and write in Boot mode.

Please kindly notice:

  1. Directly write the original ECU (ECU 1)EEPROM into the new ECU you want to change. Don’t make any changes.
  2. Micro[flash] data and eeprom data are written separately.Don’t select read all or write all.
  3. If the Micro[flash] data cannot be written, and then the data needs to be processed manually with winolsor written bythe professional engineer.
  4. Volkswagen 5thgeneration anti-theft system is not supported.

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