PCMTuner Car Magic Tool

PCMtuner is a customized read-write device specially used for vehicle engine control system (ECU) and transmission control system (TCU). With PCMtunner system softwae,It can support OBO (bus reading and writing), BENCH (read and write wittxxjt opening ECU or TCU box ), BOOT (read and write with open mode). It can read and write the current most models on the market, covering European airs, Japanese cars, some American cars, Chinese cars, supporting some Volkswagen Audi gearboxes, and models equipped with delphi control systems.

PCMTuner Features:

  • This PCMTuner device Is Master, the read data is In Bin format, and the data is not encrypted;
  • No annual fee, no monthly fee;
  • good manual, updated regularly online for a long time;
  • Technical after-sales support work bench, which is convenient for users to communicate with the equipment after-sales in time to assist in dealing with technical problems;
  • Irregular technical training to improve user skills.
  • During the pre-sale period, all users who purchase equipment will be given free branded files.

PCMtuner Functions:

1. Read and write ECU data

2. ECU clone
3. ECU parameter adjustment
4. ECU maintenance engineering
5. Chip turing
6. Read ECU maps
7. Checksum correction
8. Stage1-3, gearbox tuning , LC, sportdisplay , immo off, adblue off, dpf off, dtc off ,vmax ,swirl off (Paid Service)
Stage 1 $77
Stage 2  $110
Stage 3  $275 
Gearbox tuning, LC, sportdisplay,  immo off, adblue off, dpf off, dtc off, vmax, swirl off etc $66 for each
9. Read flash and ep files
10. Powertrain adjustment
11. Support online update
12. VR files supply
13. Pinout comewith

14. Helpdesk and tuner account

15. OBD2 reading
16. Cover-free wielding-free no disassembly data reading, greatly reduce the risk of destroying the ECU, bench mode.
17. Cover-opening data reading, boot mode


PCMTuner Support ECU List

PCMTuner Installation Guide

PCMTuner Package Included:

1pc x PCMtuner Master Interface
1pc x PCMtuner Dongle
1pc x BENCH/BOOT Cable
1pc x  OBD Cable
1pc x  Power Adapter
1pc x  USB Cable
1pc x Carton Box

PCMTuner Unboxing Video: